­čÄČPresentation | Depression and Its Link to Dehydration

Feeling out of sorts? Can't think straight? Got the blues? Check this out: Depression and Its Link to Dehydration. Enjoy life. Be well. CYNTHIA | Sbayit Seshat


SHARE | What Does Water Do For You?

Sbayit Seshat shares an article from water.usgs.gov covering the importance of water to your everyday health & wellness.

HEALTH | 90-Day Fibroid Elimination Program May Be Alternative Cure To Help Black Women Defeat The┬áCondition ÔÇö News One

Fibroids are a common, painful problem that affect African-American women at alarming rates. They can range from the size of an apple seed, to a grapefruit. Though it is unclear as to why they develop, fibroids are muscular tumors that grow on the wall of the uterus, and they are almost always┬ábenign.ÔÇŽ via 90-Day Fibroid... Continue Reading →

HEALTH | Pre-Diabetic Meal Planning

A few family members and dear friends (who are family) ┬áare dealing with a pre-diabetic diagnosis. I was asked to do a little research on controlling this "condition" with diet, that is to say, food. Here are my findings... Taking Control of your Daily Dietary Intake Portion control. ┬áMy research points to portion control being... Continue Reading →

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