CFAS | An Overview

Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur/Independent Contractor Assistance

C Fuller Administrative Service assists Small Business owners and/or Entrepreneurs who are in need of administrative assistance on an as needed or part-timehome-based-customer-service basis. Some examples of services available are: basic web design, custom design of marketing materials (fliers, posters, handbills, and newsletters), PDF manuals & handbooks, meeting minutes, customer service, customer order entry, mail order shipping, drafting of mail and email correspondence, data entry, and maintaining an activities calendar. 

Independent Recording Artist Assistance

Often the Independent Recording Artist is in need of assistance without realizing it. In order for the Artist to focus on his or her art, the Artist needs to be able to focus only on his or her art. CFAS can help. microphone-626618_640Assistance offered to the Independent Recording Artist includes: mailing list maintenance, email correspondence to audience/fans and contacts, social network marketing and updates, order entry and mail order shipping of albums and merchandise, coordinating the booking and promotion of shows, and travel arrangements. CFAS can function as a liaison between the Artist and his or her Street Team, Publicist, or fan page.
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C Fuller Administrative Service | Keeping you organized and efficient.

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